How to Add HTML Symbols with JavaScript?

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You can use JavaScript to add HTML symbols to a web page by using the HTML character entity codes for the symbols. These codes are special sequences of characters that represent a specific symbol in HTML.

Here is an example of how to add an HTML symbol for a heart (♥) using JavaScript:

// Get the div element by its ID
var myDiv = document.getElementById("myDiv");

// Add an HTML symbol to the div using innerHTML
myDiv.innerHTML = "I love JavaScript and programming ♥";

In this example, we use the innerHTML property of the myDiv element to set the text content of the div to a string that includes the HTML entity code for a heart symbol (♥). When the page is rendered, the heart symbol will be displayed instead of the HTML entity code.

You can find the HTML character entity codes for many symbols, including common symbols like the copyright symbol (©), the registered trademark symbol (®), and the degree symbol (°), on many websites and HTML reference guides.

Note that not all fonts may support all HTML symbols, so it’s important to test your code in different browsers and devices to ensure that the symbols are displayed correctly.

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