How to call JavaScript functions from another file in React?

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To call JavaScript functions from another file in a React application, you can export the function from the source file and then import it into the component file where you want to use it. Here is an example:

// File: myFunctions.js
export function myFunction() {
  // Do something
  console.log("myFunction called");
// File: MyComponent.js
import { myFunction } from './myFunctions.js';

function MyComponent() {
  // Call the myFunction from myFunctions.js
  // ...

In this example, we define a myFunction() function in a separate file called myFunctions.js, and export it using the export keyword. We can then import the myFunction() function into our component file called MyComponent.js using the import statement and the file path to myFunctions.js. Once imported, we can call the myFunction() function as we would any other function.

Note that the file extension .js is optional, but it’s a good practice to include it in the import statement for clarity. Also, make sure that the path to the file is correct, and that the file containing the function is located in the same directory or a subdirectory of the component file where it is being imported.

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