How to Check Which Version of Python Supports Kivy?

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Kivy is an open-source Python library for the rapid development of multi-touch applications. To check which version of Python supports Kivy, you can consult the official Kivy documentation or the Kivy GitHub repository.

As of May 2022, the latest version of Kivy is version 2.1.0, which supports Python 3.7 through 3.10. According to the Kivy documentation, Python 3.5 and 3.6 are also supported by some earlier versions of Kivy.

To check which version of Python you have installed, open a command prompt or terminal and enter the following command:

python --version

This will display the version of Python that is currently installed on your system. If the version number falls within the supported range mentioned above, then Kivy should be compatible with your version of Python.

It’s also worth noting that Kivy can be installed using the pip package manager, which will automatically install any dependencies required by Kivy. When installing Kivy using pip, it’s recommended to use a virtual environment to ensure that the dependencies don’t conflict with other packages installed on your system.

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