How to Clear Output in Python Without Using Visual Studio Code?

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To clear output in Python without using Visual Studio Code, you can use the following methods based on the Python environment you are using:

  1. IDLE: If you are using the IDLE Python environment, you can clear the output by pressing Ctrl+L or selecting “Clear Shell” from the “Edit” menu.
  2. Jupyter Notebook: If you are using Jupyter Notebook, you can clear the output by clicking the “Kernel” menu and selecting “Restart & Clear Output”. This will restart the kernel and clear all output.
  3. Command Line: If you are using Python from the command line, you can clear the output by printing the ANSI escape sequence \033c. This will send the “clear screen” command to the terminal and clear all output.

Here’s an example:

import os

# Clear the output
if == "posix":
    # For Linux and macOS
    # For Windows

In the above code, the os module is used to run a system command to clear the screen. The if statement checks the operating system and runs the appropriate command to clear the screen. For Linux and macOS, the “clear” command is used, while for Windows, the “cls” command is used. Note that this method only clears the screen and doesn’t clear the output in the Python shell or any files that have been opened in the Python script.

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