How to Close an Application in Python?

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To close an application in Python, you can use the sys module to exit the program. The sys.exit() function terminates the current program and returns control to the operating system. Here’s an example code snippet:

import sys

# ... code for your application ...

# Exit the program

You can also use the os module to terminate the process by its PID (process ID). For example:

import os

# ... code for your application ...

# Get the PID of the current process
pid = os.getpid()

# Terminate the process
os.kill(pid, 9)

In this example, we first get the PID of the current process using the os.getpid() function. We then use the os.kill() function to send a signal to the process with the specified PID. The 9 argument specifies the signal to send (in this case, the SIGKILL signal, which forcibly terminates the process). Note that using this method may not allow the program to clean up resources or perform other necessary shutdown tasks, so it should be used with caution.

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