How to Code Input Integer Questions in Python Using If Statements?

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To code input integer questions in Python using if statements, you can combine the input() function for user input with int() to convert the input to an integer. Then, you can use if statements to check the conditions and perform different actions based on the user’s input. Here’s an example:

# Ask the user for their age
age = int(input("How old are you? "))

# Check the age using if statements
if age < 18:
    print("You are not old enough to vote.")
elif age == 18:
    print("Congratulations! You are old enough to vote for the first time.")
    print("You are eligible to vote.")

In this example, the code asks the user to enter their age using the input() function. The input is converted to an integer using int(). Then, the code uses if statements to check different conditions:

  • If the age is less than 18, it prints a message stating that the user is not old enough to vote.
  • If the age is exactly 18, it prints a message congratulating the user on being old enough to vote for the first time.
  • If the age is greater than 18, it prints a message indicating that the user is eligible to vote.

You can customize the conditions and actions based on your specific requirements. Remember to handle any potential exceptions that may arise if the user enters non-integer input or invalid values to ensure your code runs smoothly.

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