How to Combine a List of Strings with a Separator in Python?

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In Python, you can combine a list of strings into a single string with a specified separator using the join() method. The join() method is available on string objects and takes a list as its argument, where each element of the list is concatenated using the specified separator. Here’s an example:

my_list = ["apple", "banana", "orange", "grape"]
separator = ", "

combined_string = separator.join(my_list)

In the above example, the join() method is called on the separator string, with the my_list list as the argument. The elements of my_list are concatenated together using the ", " separator. The resulting combined string is then printed.

You can use any string as a separator, such as a comma, space, hyphen, or any other character or sequence of characters. The join() method is a powerful tool for combining strings from a list into a single string with a specified separator.

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