How to Compare and Update Values in Two Python Dictionaries with the Same Keys?

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To compare and update values in two Python dictionaries with the same keys, you can iterate over the keys and perform the desired comparison and update operations. Here’s an example:

dict1 = {'a': 1, 'b': 2, 'c': 3}
dict2 = {'a': 4, 'b': 5, 'c': 6}

# Iterate over the keys of dict1
for key in dict1.keys():
    # Check if the key exists in dict2
    if key in dict2:
        # Compare the values and update if necessary
        if dict1[key] < dict2[key]:
            dict1[key] = dict2[key]


In this example, we have two dictionaries, dict1 and dict2, with the same keys. We iterate over the keys of dict1 and check if the key exists in dict2. If the key exists, we compare the values of the corresponding keys in both dictionaries. If the value in dict2 is greater than the value in dict1, we update the value in dict1 with the value from dict2.

After iterating over all the keys, dict1 will be updated with the maximum values from dict2 for the common keys. The output of the above code will be {'a': 4, 'b': 5, 'c': 6}.

You can modify the comparison and update logic inside the loop based on your specific requirements. For example, you can use different comparison operators (>, <=, >=, !=) or apply custom comparison functions.

By iterating over the keys and comparing the values, you can compare and update values in two dictionaries with the same keys in Python.

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