How to Compare URL Paths in Python?

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To compare URL paths in Python, you can use the urlparse module from the standard library. The urlparse module provides functions to parse and manipulate URLs. Here’s an example of how you can compare URL paths:

from urllib.parse import urlparse

def compare_url_paths(url1, url2):
    parsed_url1 = urlparse(url1)
    parsed_url2 = urlparse(url2)

    return parsed_url1.path == parsed_url2.path

# Example usage
url1 = ""
url2 = ""

if compare_url_paths(url1, url2):
    print("URL paths are the same.")
    print("URL paths are different.")

In this example, we define a function called compare_url_paths that takes two URLs as input.

Inside the function, we use the urlparse function to parse the URLs and extract their components, including the path. The urlparse function splits the URL into its components, such as scheme, netloc, path, query, and fragment.

We compare the paths of the two parsed URLs (parsed_url1.path and parsed_url2.path) using the equality (==) operator. If the paths are the same, the function returns True; otherwise, it returns False.

In the example usage, we compare the paths of two example URLs and print the corresponding result.

Note that the urlparse function can handle URLs with different schemes (e.g., http, https) and handles URL encoding and decoding.

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