How to Compute Count2 in Python for AACAAGCTGATAAACATTTAAAGAG and AAAAA?

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To compute the count of occurrences of a substring within a larger string in Python, you can use the count() method. Here’s an example of computing the count of occurrences of the substring “AAAAA” within the string “AACAAGCTGATAAACATTTAAAGAG”:

substring = "AAAAA"

count = string.count(substring)



In this example, we use the count() method of the string string and pass the substring substring as the argument. The count() method returns the number of non-overlapping occurrences of the substring within the string.

The output shows that the substring “AAAAA” appears twice in the string “AACAAGCTGATAAACATTTAAAGAG”.

You can adapt this example to compute the count of any other substring within a given string by replacing the values of string and substring with your desired strings.

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