How to Convert a Date to a Datetime Object in Python?

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To convert a date to a datetime object in Python, you can use the datetime module. The datetime module provides the datetime class, which can represent both dates and times. Here’s an example of how you can convert a date to a datetime object:

from datetime import datetime, date

def date_to_datetime(input_date):
    return datetime.combine(input_date, datetime.min.time())

# Example usage
input_date = date(2023, 6, 2)  # The date you want to convert
datetime_obj = date_to_datetime(input_date)

In this example, the date_to_datetime function takes an input date and uses the datetime.combine method to combine the date with the minimum time of a datetime object (midnight). This creates a datetime object with the same date as the input, but with a time component. The resulting datetime object represents the same date as the input date.

After converting the date to a datetime object, you can perform various operations on it using the functionality provided by the datetime module.

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