How to Convert HTML to DOCX Using JavaScript?

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Converting HTML to DOCX using JavaScript requires a server-side component or a cloud-based conversion service, as JavaScript does not have built-in support for creating or saving Word documents.

One popular solution for converting HTML to DOCX is to use a cloud-based service like Microsoft’s Office API, which allows you to generate Word documents programmatically. To use the API, you would send your HTML content to the API using an HTTP request, and the API would respond with the converted DOCX file. You can then download or process the DOCX file as needed in your JavaScript code.

Here’s a basic example of how you could use the Microsoft Office API to convert HTML to DOCX in your JavaScript code:

fetch('', {
  method: 'POST',
  body: myHtmlContent
.then(response => response.blob())
.then(docxBlob => {
  // Download or process the DOCX file as needed
.catch(error => {

In the example, the fetch function is used to send the HTML content to the Microsoft Office API using an HTTP POST request. The response from the API, which contains the converted DOCX file, is then processed using the .then method and logged to the console. The .catch method is used to handle any errors that may occur during the request.

Note that while this example uses the Microsoft Office API, there are many other cloud-based services that offer similar functionality, as well as server-side libraries that can be installed on your own server to perform the conversion. The specific steps and code you would use to convert HTML to DOCX would depend on the solution you choose.

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