How to Convert Strings to Integers in a List of Leftovers in Python?

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To convert strings to integers in a list of leftovers in Python, you can use the map() function along with the int() function. Here’s an example:

leftovers = ['10', '20', '30', '40']

# Convert strings to integers using map() and int()
integers = list(map(int, leftovers))

print(integers)  # Output: [10, 20, 30, 40]

In this example, the leftovers list contains strings representing numbers. We apply the map() function to each element in the leftovers list, passing the int() function as the first argument. This maps the int() function to each element, converting it from a string to an integer. Finally, we convert the resulting map object to a list using list(), and the integers list contains the converted integers.

Note that the map() function returns a map object, which is an iterable. If you need to work with a list, you can convert it using the list() function as shown in the example.

If you are using Python 2, the map() function returns a list directly, so you don’t need to use the list() function.

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