How to Convert TB to PB Using a Python Calculator?

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To convert terabytes (TB) to petabytes (PB) using a Python calculator, you can use the following formula:

1 TB = 0.001 PB

Here’s an example of a Python function that performs the conversion:

def tb_to_pb(tb):
    pb = tb * 0.001
    return pb

In this example, the tb_to_pb() function takes a value in terabytes (tb) as input and multiplies it by 0.001 to convert it to petabytes. The calculated value in petabytes (pb) is then returned.

You can use this function in your Python code like this:

# Example usage
tb_value = 10
pb_value = tb_to_pb(tb_value)
print(pb_value)  # Output: 0.01

In this example, we convert 10 terabytes to petabytes using the tb_to_pb() function, and the resulting value of 0.01 petabytes is printed to the console.

Note that this conversion assumes the standard SI (International System of Units) prefixes, where 1 terabyte is equal to 0.001 petabytes. If you are working with different conventions or conversions, you may need to adjust the conversion factor accordingly.

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