How to Convert Text to Integer in Python?

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To convert text to an integer in Python, you can use the int() function. The int() function takes a string as input and attempts to convert it to an integer. Here’s an example:

text = "1234"
integer_value = int(text)
print(integer_value)  # Output: 1234

In this example, the string "1234" is converted to an integer using the int() function, and the resulting integer value is assigned to the variable integer_value. The print() statement then outputs the converted integer.

Keep in mind that the input string must represent a valid integer for the conversion to succeed. If the string contains non-numeric characters or is not properly formatted, a ValueError will be raised. For example:

text = "123a"
integer_value = int(text)  # Raises ValueError

If you need to handle situations where the input string may not be a valid integer, you can wrap the conversion in a try-except block to catch the ValueError and handle it appropriately.

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