How to Convert Text to Speech in Python?

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To convert text to speech in Python, you can use the pyttsx3 library. This library provides a simple and convenient way to generate speech from text. Here’s an example:

First, make sure you have the pyttsx3 library installed by running pip install pyttsx3 in your command line.

import pyttsx3

# Create a text-to-speech engine
engine = pyttsx3.init()

# Set the properties of the speech
engine.setProperty('rate', 150)  # Speed of speech (words per minute)
engine.setProperty('volume', 0.8)  # Volume level (0.0 to 1.0)

# Enter the text you want to convert to speech
text = "Hello, world! This is a test."

# Convert the text to speech

# Play the speech

In this example, we first import the pyttsx3 library and create a text-to-speech engine using the init() method.

Next, we set the properties of the speech using the setProperty() method. Here, we adjust the rate (speed) of the speech and the volume level according to your preference.

Then, we define the text variable with the text you want to convert to speech.

The say() method is used to convert the text to speech. It accepts the text as an argument.

Finally, we use the runAndWait() method to play the speech. This method will block the program until the speech is complete.

When you run the code, you should hear the text spoken aloud using the default system voice.

Note that the available system voices may vary depending on your operating system and configuration. You can use the engine.getProperty('voices') method to get a list of available voices and select a specific voice by setting engine.setProperty('voice', voice_id).

Additionally, the pyttsx3 library provides various other methods and options for more advanced text-to-speech functionality, such as changing the voice, saving the speech to a file, or adding pauses and custom pronunciation. Refer to the pyttsx3 documentation for more details and advanced usage.

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