How to Convert Tons to Kilograms Using Python?

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To convert tons to kilograms in Python, you can use the following conversion factor: 1 ton = 1000 kilograms.

Here’s an example Python function that converts tons to kilograms:

def tons_to_kilograms(tons):
    kilograms = tons * 1000
    return kilograms

In this function, the input parameter tons represents the value in tons that you want to convert. The function multiplies the input value by 1000 to convert it to kilograms and assigns the result to the variable kilograms. Finally, the function returns the converted value.

You can use this function by calling it with the desired value in tons, like this:

tons_value = 2.5  # Example value in tons
kilograms_value = tons_to_kilograms(tons_value)

This will output the converted value in kilograms:


Note that the output is a floating-point value because the multiplication operation involves a floating-point number (2.5) and an integer (1000). If you specifically want the output to be an integer, you can use the int() function to convert it:

tons_value = 2.5  # Example value in tons
kilograms_value = int(tons_to_kilograms(tons_value))

This will output:


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