How to Convert XML to JSON in Python?

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In Python, you can convert XML data to JSON format using the xmltodict module, which provides easy-to-use functions for parsing and manipulating XML data. Here’s an example:

import json
import xmltodict

# Load XML data
with open('example.xml') as xml_file:
    xml_data =

# Parse XML to dictionary
dict_data = xmltodict.parse(xml_data)

# Convert dictionary to JSON
json_data = json.dumps(dict_data)

# Write JSON data to file
with open('output.json', 'w') as json_file:

print("XML data converted to JSON successfully!")

In this example, the xml_file is read using the open() function, and its contents are stored in the xml_data variable. Then, the xmltodict.parse() function is used to parse the XML data into a Python dictionary dict_data. Next, the json.dumps() function is used to convert the dictionary to a JSON string json_data. Finally, the JSON data is written to a file named “output.json” using the open() function with write mode (“w”), and the converted JSON data is written to the file using the write() method.

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