How to Convert XML to XLS Using Python?

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To convert XML to XLS (Microsoft Excel format) using Python, you can use the pandas and openpyxl libraries. Here’s an example code snippet:

import pandas as pd

# Read the XML file into a pandas DataFrame
xml_data = pd.read_xml('input.xml')

# Write the DataFrame to an XLSX file
with pd.ExcelWriter('output.xlsx') as writer:
    xml_data.to_excel(writer, index=False)

In this example, we start by reading the XML data from a file using the read_xml() function of the pandas library. This function automatically converts the XML data into a pandas DataFrame.

Next, we use the ExcelWriter() class of the pandas library to create a new XLSX file. We specify the output file name as the argument to the ExcelWriter() constructor. The with statement is used to ensure that the output file is properly closed when we’re done writing to it.

Finally, we write the DataFrame to the XLSX file using the to_excel() method of the DataFrame. We specify the writer object as the first argument, and set index=False to exclude the DataFrame index from the output.

Note that the openpyxl library is automatically installed as a dependency when you install pandas, so you don’t need to install it separately.

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