How to Count the Number of Loops Printed in Python?

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To count the number of loops printed in Python, you can simply use a counter variable that gets incremented each time the loop executes. Here’s an example:

# Initialize a counter variable
loop_count = 0

# Loop from 1 to 10
for i in range(1, 11):
    # Print the loop count
    print(f"Loop count: {loop_count}")
    # Increment the counter variable
    loop_count += 1

In this example, we have a for loop that iterates from 1 to 10. Inside the loop, we print the value of the loop_count variable, which represents the number of times the loop has executed. After printing, we increment the loop_count variable by 1 using the += operator. This way, each time the loop iterates, the loop_count variable gets incremented, giving us the count of loops printed. Note that in Python, loop indices start from 0, so the first loop will have a count of 0, the second loop will have a count of 1, and so on.

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