How to Count Upper and Lower Case Characters in Python?

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In Python, you can count the number of uppercase and lowercase characters in a string using a loop and the isupper() and islower() string methods. Here’s an example:

# Input string
text = "Hello World"

# Initialize counters
upper_count = 0
lower_count = 0

# Loop through each character in the string
for char in text:
    # Check if the character is uppercase
    if char.isupper():
        upper_count += 1
    # Check if the character is lowercase
    elif char.islower():
        lower_count += 1

# Print the counts
print("Uppercase count:", upper_count)
print("Lowercase count:", lower_count)


Uppercase count: 2
Lowercase count: 8

In this example, the isupper() and islower() methods are called on each character in the input string text. If the character is uppercase, upper_count is incremented, and if the character is lowercase, lower_count is incremented. Finally, the counts are printed.

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