How to Create a Back Button Event Listener in JavaScript?

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To create a back button event listener in JavaScript, you can use the window.history object, which allows you to manipulate the history of the current web page. Here’s an example of how to create a back button event listener in JavaScript:

<button id="backButton">Back</button>

  let backButton = document.getElementById("backButton");
  backButton.addEventListener("click", function() {

In this example, the backButton variable retrieves a reference to the button element with an id of “backButton”. The addEventListener method is then called on the button, which attaches a click event listener to the button.

The event listener function, which is passed as the second argument to addEventListener, uses the window.history.back method to navigate back to the previous page in the history. When the button is clicked, the function will be executed, and the user will be taken back to the previous page.

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