How to Create a List of Bad Words in Python?

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Creating a list of bad words in Python can be useful in many applications such as chat filtering, sentiment analysis, and text classification. Here is one way to create a list of bad words in Python:

bad_words = ["badword1", "badword2", "badword3", ...]

You can add as many bad words as you want to this list, separating them with commas.

If you have a large list of bad words, you can store them in a separate file, one word per line, and read the file into a list using the following code:

with open('bad_words.txt', 'r') as f:
    bad_words = [line.strip() for line in f]

This code opens the file ‘bad_words.txt’ in read mode, reads each line of the file, strips the newline character from each line using the strip() method, and appends the resulting string to the list bad_words.

You can then use this list of bad words to filter out or flag inappropriate text in your application.

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