How to Create a Loop Function in Python Until a Condition is Met?

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To create a loop function in Python until a condition is met, you can use a while loop with a conditional statement to check the condition at the beginning of each iteration of the loop. Here’s an example of how to create a loop function in Python until a condition is met:

def loop_function():
    i = 0
    while i < 10:
        i += 1
        if i == 5:
    print("Loop finished.")


In this example, we define a function called loop_function() that initializes a variable i with an initial value of 0. We then use a while loop to loop until i is greater than or equal to 10. For each iteration of the loop, we print the value of i to the console, and then increment i by 1 using the += operator. We also include a conditional statement that checks if i is equal to 5, and breaks out of the loop if the condition is true.

Finally, we print a message indicating that the loop has finished.

When you call the loop_function() function, it will iterate over the numbers 0 to 4, and then print the message “Loop finished.”

You can modify this example to use different conditions to stop the loop, or to perform different actions inside the loop.

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