How to Create a Negative Image with Python Code?

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To create a negative image using Python, you can use the PIL (Python Imaging Library) module. Here is an example code that takes an image and creates its negative:

from PIL import Image

# Open the original image
img ="original_image.jpg")

# Invert the image
inverted_image = Image.eval(img, lambda x: 255 - x)

# Save the inverted image"negative_image.jpg")

In this code, we first open the original image using the function from the PIL module. We then invert the image using the Image.eval() function and a lambda function that subtracts each pixel value from 255. Finally, we save the inverted image using the save() method.

Note that you need to install the Pillow module which is a fork of PIL and is more actively maintained. You can install it using pip:

pip install Pillow

Replace original_image.jpg with the filename of your input image and negative_image.jpg with the desired output filename.

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