How to Create a Python Array Spreadsheet?

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To create a Python array spreadsheet, you can use the openpyxl library to create and manipulate Excel files. Here’s an example:

import openpyxl

# Create a new Excel workbook
workbook = openpyxl.Workbook()

# Select the active worksheet
worksheet =

# Create an array of data
data = [
    ['Name', 'Age', 'Gender'],
    ['John', 25, 'Male'],
    ['Jane', 32, 'Female'],
    ['Bob', 42, 'Male']

# Populate the worksheet with the data
for row in data:

# Save the workbook'example.xlsx')

In this code, the openpyxl library is used to create a new Excel workbook and select the active worksheet. An array of data is defined, with the first row containing column headers and the remaining rows containing data. The append() method is used to populate the worksheet with the data. Finally, the save() method is used to save the workbook to a file named 'example.xlsx'.

You can customize the spreadsheet by modifying the data array or adding new columns and rows. You can also format the data using the various styling options available in openpyxl.

Overall, creating a Python array spreadsheet involves using the openpyxl library to create and manipulate Excel files, and customizing the code to suit your specific needs.

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