How to Delete an Empty Array in JavaScript?

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In JavaScript, you can delete an empty array by simply assigning a new value to the variable holding the array. Here’s an example code snippet:

let myArray = [];

myArray = null;


In the above code, the empty array is assigned to the myArray variable, and then the null value is assigned to the same variable. This effectively deletes the empty array, as it is no longer referenced by any variable in the program.

The null value can be used to indicate the absence of any object value. When a variable is assigned null, it is effectively emptied of any object value it previously held.

Note that this method of deleting an empty array works because JavaScript is a garbage-collected language. When an object is no longer referenced by any variables in the program, it is automatically cleaned up by the garbage collector. Therefore, assigning null to a variable holding an empty array will eventually cause the array to be cleaned up by the garbage collector.

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