How to Extend a Static Class in JavaScript?

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In JavaScript, you can create static classes using the class keyword. Static classes cannot be instantiated and can only have static methods and properties.

You can extend a static class by creating a new class that inherits from the original class. Here’s an example:

class MyStaticClass {
  static staticMethod() {
    console.log("This is a static method.");

class MyExtendedStaticClass extends MyStaticClass {
  static extendedStaticMethod() {
    console.log("This is an extended static method.");

In this example, we have a static class called MyStaticClass with one static method called staticMethod(). We then create a new class called MyExtendedStaticClass that extends MyStaticClass and adds a new static method called extendedStaticMethod().

Here’s how you can use the static methods from the extended class:

MyExtendedStaticClass.staticMethod(); // "This is a static method."
MyExtendedStaticClass.extendedStaticMethod(); // "This is an extended static method."

Note that static classes and methods are a relatively new feature in JavaScript (introduced in ECMAScript 2015), and not all browsers may support them. If you’re targeting older browsers or environments that don’t support static classes, you may need to use alternative patterns to achieve the same functionality.

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