How to Extract a Hashtag from a URL in JavaScript?

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To extract a hashtag from a URL in JavaScript, you can use the built-in URL constructor to parse the URL, and then access the hash property of the resulting object to get the hashtag.

Here’s an example code snippet that shows how to do this:

const url = new URL("");

// Get the hashtag from the URL
const hashtag = url.hash;

// Remove the "#" character from the hashtag
const cleanHashtag = hashtag.slice(1);

console.log(cleanHashtag); // Output: "myhashtag"

In this example, we create a new URL object with the URL string ““. Then, we access the hash property of the object to get the hashtag, which in this case is “#myhashtag”. Finally, we remove the “#” character from the hashtag using the slice() method, which returns a new string starting from the second character (i.e., the first character after the “#”).

Note that if the URL doesn’t have a hashtag, the hash property will be an empty string, so you’ll need to add a check to make sure you’re not trying to extract a hashtag from an empty string.

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