How to Extract Text from an Image Using JavaScript?

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To extract text from an image using JavaScript, you would typically use an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) library or an API. OCR technology uses machine learning algorithms to recognize characters in images and extract them as text.

There are many OCR libraries and APIs available for JavaScript, some of which are free and open-source, while others are commercial. Some popular OCR libraries for JavaScript include:

  • Tesseract.js
  • Ocrad.js

To use an OCR library in your JavaScript code, you would typically install it as a dependency using a package manager like npm, and then import it into your project. From there, you can pass the image to the OCR library’s recognition function, which will return the extracted text.

Here’s an example using Tesseract.js:

const Tesseract = require('tesseract.js');

const image = new Image();
image.src = 'path/to/image.jpg';

  .then(function(result) {

In this example, the image is loaded using an Image object, and then passed to the Tesseract.recognize function, which returns a Promise that resolves to an object containing the extracted text.

If you prefer to use an OCR API, you would typically make an HTTP request to the API’s endpoint, passing the image data as the payload. The API would then return the extracted text in the response. Note that many OCR APIs require an API key, which you would need to obtain from the API provider.

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