How to fill a JavaScript Object literal with many static key/value pairs efficiently?

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If you have many static key/value pairs that you need to add to a JavaScript object literal, you can use the object literal shorthand notation to define the properties.

Here’s an example:

const obj = {
  key1: value1,
  key2: value2,
  keyN: valueN

In this example, the object obj is created with properties key1, key2, …, keyN and values value1, value2, …, valueN, respectively.

If you have a large number of properties, you can also use a loop to generate the properties dynamically and add them to the object. Here’s an example:

const keys = ['key1', 'key2', ..., 'keyN'];
const values = [value1, value2, ..., valueN];
const obj = {};
for (let i = 0; i < keys.length; i++) {
  obj[keys[i]] = values[i];

In this example, the arrays keys and values contain the keys and values for the properties, respectively. The object obj is created and the properties are added using a loop. The keys from keys and the values from values are used to add the properties to the object obj.

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