How to Filter a Nested Array of Objects in JavaScript?

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To filter a nested array of objects in JavaScript, you can use the Array.filter() method along with nested for loops to traverse the nested arrays. The Array.filter() method takes a callback function as an argument that defines the conditions for filtering the array.

Here’s an example of how to filter a nested array of objects:

let nestedArray = [
  {name: "John", age: 20, address: {city: "New York", country: "USA"}},
  {name: "Jane", age: 25, address: {city: "London", country: "UK"}},
  {name: "Jim", age: 30, address: {city: "Paris", country: "France"}}

let filteredArray = nestedArray.filter(function(obj) {
  return === "USA";


In this example, the filteredArray will only contain the objects with equal to “USA”.

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