How to find event Listeners on a dom Node using JavaScript?

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There is no direct way to get a list of all event listeners attached to a DOM node in JavaScript. However, you can access the event listeners of a specific DOM node using the following method:

const getEventListeners = (node) => {
  const result = {};
  const events = node.__events__;
  if (events) {
    for (let eventName in events) {
      result[eventName] = Array.from(events[eventName]);
  return result;

This function leverages the __events__ property, which is an internal property that is used by some browsers (e.g. Google Chrome) to store the event listeners attached to a DOM node. Note that the __events__ property is not part of the official DOM specification and may not be available in all browsers.

You can then use this function as follows:

const node = document.getElementById('my-element');
const eventListeners = getEventListeners(node);

This will output an object that lists the event listeners attached to the node DOM element, with the event names as keys and arrays of listeners as values.

Keep in mind that this method is not supported in all browsers and may not give you the complete list of event listeners in some cases.

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