How to Manipulate HTML Elements Using JavaScript?

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JavaScript can manipulate HTML elements in the following ways:

  1. Accessing Elements: You can access HTML elements using JavaScript using methods such as document.getElementById, document.getElementsByClassName, document.getElementsByTagName, etc.
  2. Modifying Elements: You can change the content of an HTML element using the innerHTML property, or change an element’s attribute using the setAttribute method.
  3. Adding and Deleting Elements: You can create new HTML elements using the document.createElement method and then add it to the page using the appendChild or insertBefore method. You can remove an element using the removeChild method.


// Accessing an element
const element = document.getElementById("myId");

// Modifying an element
element.innerHTML = "Hello World!";

// Adding an element
const newElement = document.createElement("p");
newElement.innerHTML = "This is a new paragraph";

Note: To use JavaScript to manipulate HTML elements, the script must be placed after the HTML elements in the HTML file, or added to the page using an event listener.

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