How to pass variables from Python flask to JavaScript?

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To pass variables from Python Flask to JavaScript, you can render the values in the Flask template and then access them in the JavaScript code.

In the Flask template, you can render the value of a Python variable into the HTML by enclosing it in double curly braces, like this:

  var myVariable = {{ myVariable|tojson|safe }};

In the above example, the tojson filter is used to convert the Python variable to a JSON-encoded string, which can be easily parsed by JavaScript. The safe filter is used to prevent Flask from escaping the output.

In the JavaScript code, you can access the value of the myVariable variable just like any other JavaScript variable.


Note: This approach assumes that the Flask template is being rendered on the server and served to the client as a complete HTML page. If you are using a single-page application framework like Angular or React, you may need to use a different approach to pass data between the Flask backend and the JavaScript frontend.

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