How to Position an Image Inside a Div Using JavaScript?

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You can position an image inside a div using JavaScript by setting the CSS styles of the div’s child image element. Here is an example code snippet that sets the image’s position to “center” using the “style” property of the image element:

var image = document.getElementById("myImage"); // get the image element by its ID = "block"; // set display property to "block" = "auto"; // set margins to "auto"

Assuming the div has an ID of “myDiv” and the image is the only child element of the div, you can use the following CSS code to center the image inside the div:

#myDiv {
    text-align: center; // center horizontally
    display: flex; // center vertically
    justify-content: center; // center horizontally
    align-items: center; // center vertically

Note that the above CSS code assumes that the div has a fixed height and width. If the div’s size is not fixed, you may need to adjust the CSS code accordingly.

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