How to Prepend a Child Element to a Div Using JavaScript?

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To prepend a child element to a div using JavaScript, you can use the insertBefore() method on the parent div element. The method allows you to insert a new child element before the first child of an element. Here’s an example:

const parentDiv = document.querySelector("#parent");
const newChild = document.createElement("p");
newChild.textContent = "This is a new child element.";
parentDiv.insertBefore(newChild, parentDiv.firstChild);

In the example above, the parent div element is selected using document.querySelector("#parent"). The createElement() method is used to create a new p element, and the text content of the element is set using textContent. Finally, the insertBefore() method is used to insert the new p element as the first child of the parent div. The new child will be added before any other child elements that may exist in the parent div.

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