How to Print a String with Special Characters in Python?

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If you want to print a string with special characters in Python, you can use escape sequences. An escape sequence is a combination of a backslash \ followed by one or more characters that represent a special character. Here are some commonly used escape sequences in Python:

  • \n – newline
  • \t – tab
  • \\ – backslash
  • \" – double quote
  • \' – single quote

Here’s an example of printing a string with escape sequences in Python:

my_string = "Hello\tWorld!\nI am using \\ backslash."


Hello	World!
I am using \ backslash.

In the above example, the string my_string contains escape sequences for a tab (\t) and a newline (\n). The backslash character itself is printed by using the escape sequence \\. The double quote and single quote characters are also escaped using \" and \' respectively. When the string is printed to the console using the print() function, the escape sequences are interpreted and the special characters are displayed accordingly.

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