How to Remove Punctuation and Special Characters from a String in Python?

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You can remove punctuation and special characters from a string in Python using the string module and the translate() method. Here’s an example:

import string

s = "Hello, world! How are you today?"
translator = str.maketrans('', '', string.punctuation)
new_s = s.translate(translator)
print(new_s) # Output: 'Hello world How are you today'

In this example, we have a string (s) that contains punctuation and special characters. We want to remove all of these characters from the string. We achieve this by importing the string module, which contains a string of all punctuation characters. We then create a translation table using the maketrans() method and the punctuation string. We pass the translation table to the translate() method of the original string, which removes all characters in the table from the string. The resulting string (new_s) contains the original string without any punctuation or special characters.

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