How to Rerun a Function Within the Same Function in Python?

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To rerun a function within the same function in Python, you can use a loop, such as a while loop, to control the execution flow. Here’s an example:

def my_function():
    while True:
        # Code before rerunning the function
        # Rerun the function
        rerun = input("Do you want to rerun the function? (yes/no): ")
        if rerun.lower() != 'yes':
        # Code after rerunning the function

# Call the function initially

In this example, the my_function() function contains a while loop with the condition True, which makes the loop run indefinitely until explicitly broken. Inside the loop, you can include the code that needs to be executed before and after rerunning the function.

To rerun the function, you can prompt the user with an input asking if they want to rerun. If the user enters “yes”, the function is recursively called again using my_function(), effectively rerunning it. If the user enters anything other than “yes”, the loop is broken using the break statement, and the function exits.

Note that rerunning the function within itself creates a recursive call. Be cautious with recursion and make sure to handle base cases or exit conditions properly to avoid infinite recursion and stack overflow errors.

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