How to Reset the Turtle in Python?

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To reset the turtle in Python, you can use the reset() method provided by the turtle module. This method resets the turtle’s state to its initial position and orientation.

Here’s an example of how to use the reset() method:

import turtle

# Create a turtle object
my_turtle = turtle.Turtle()

# Move the turtle around

# Reset the turtle

# The turtle is now back to its initial position and orientation

# Close the turtle graphics window

In the code above, we first import the turtle module and create a turtle object called my_turtle. We then move the turtle around by calling the forward() and right() methods. Finally, we call the reset() method to reset the turtle to its initial state. After resetting, you can continue using the turtle for further operations if needed.

Remember to close the turtle graphics window using the turtle.done() method to prevent the window from freezing or becoming unresponsive.

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