How to Retrieve a Python Variable Value from a Dictionary?

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To retrieve a Python variable value from a dictionary, you can use the key associated with that variable in the dictionary. Here’s an example:

my_dict = {
    "name": "John",
    "age": 30,
    "city": "New York"

name_value = my_dict["name"]
age_value = my_dict["age"]
city_value = my_dict["city"]

print(name_value)  # Output: John
print(age_value)   # Output: 30
print(city_value)  # Output: New York

In this example, we have a dictionary my_dict that contains key-value pairs representing different variables. To retrieve the value of a specific variable, you can use the corresponding key as an index in square brackets ([]) following the dictionary name.

For example, my_dict["name"] retrieves the value associated with the key "name" from the dictionary and assigns it to the variable name_value. Similarly, my_dict["age"] retrieves the value associated with the key "age" and assigns it to the variable age_value, and so on.

You can then use these variables (name_value, age_value, city_value) in your code as needed. Make sure to use the correct key associated with the variable you want to retrieve from the dictionary.

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