How to Retrieve a Telegram Chat ID in Python?

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To retrieve a Telegram chat ID in Python, you can make use of the Telegram Bot API and the python-telegram-bot library. Here’s an example:

  1. First, you need to create a bot on Telegram and obtain your bot token. You can do this by talking to the BotFather on Telegram and following the instructions to create a new bot.
  2. Install the python-telegram-bot library using pip install python-telegram-bot.
  3. Use the following code to retrieve the chat ID:
from telegram import Bot

# Replace 'YOUR_BOT_TOKEN' with your actual bot token
bot = Bot(token='YOUR_BOT_TOKEN')

# Get the chat ID of a specific chat
chat_id = bot.get_updates()[-1].message.chat_id

In this example, we import the Bot class from the telegram module. We create an instance of the Bot class by providing your bot token.

The get_updates() method retrieves the list of updates for your bot. We access the last update using [-1] to get the most recent update. From the update, we retrieve the chat ID using .message.chat_id.

Note that in order to retrieve the chat ID, your bot must have received at least one message in the target chat. If your bot has not received any messages yet, you can send a message to the bot and then run the code to retrieve the chat ID.

Make sure to replace 'YOUR_BOT_TOKEN' with your actual bot token obtained from the BotFather.

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