How to Retrieve All Documents Using Python and Mongoengine?

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To retrieve all documents from a MongoDB collection using Python and the mongoengine library, you can make use of the Document.objects() method. Here’s an example:

from mongoengine import connect, Document, StringField

# Connect to the MongoDB database

# Define a sample document
class MyDocument(Document):
    name = StringField()

# Retrieve all documents from the collection
documents = MyDocument.objects()

# Print the documents
for document in documents:

In this example, we import the necessary modules and connect to the MongoDB database using the connect() function from mongoengine. Next, we define a sample document class MyDocument with a name field of type StringField.

To retrieve all documents from the collection, we use the MyDocument.objects() method, which returns a QuerySet representing all the documents in the collection. We can then iterate over the QuerySet and access the document fields as needed. In this example, we simply print the name field of each document.

Note that you will need to replace 'my_database' with the actual name of your MongoDB database. Additionally, you may need to define other fields and configurations in your document class based on your specific requirements.

Make sure to install the mongoengine library if you haven’t already (pip install mongoengine).

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