How to Retrieve CSS Properties of an HTML Element :after Using JavaScript?

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You can retrieve the CSS properties of an HTML element’s :after pseudo-element using JavaScript by creating a temporary element, setting its content property to the desired value, and then using the getComputedStyle method to retrieve the computed style for the element. Here’s an example:

let element = document.createElement("div"); = "none"; = "''";


let styles = window.getComputedStyle(element, ":after");
let backgroundColor = styles.getPropertyValue("background-color");



In this example, we first create a new div element and set its display property to "none" and its content property to "''". This creates an :after pseudo-element that we can use to retrieve the computed style for.

Next, we add the temporary element to the document body using document.body.appendChild(element).

We then use the window.getComputedStyle method to retrieve the computed style for the element, passing in the element as the first argument and ":after" as the second argument to specify that we want the computed style for the :after pseudo-element.

Finally, we use the getPropertyValue method to retrieve the value of the background-color property and log it to the console.

Note that this approach will only work for CSS properties that can be applied to pseudo-elements, such as :after and :before. Other CSS properties, such as color and background-color, can be retrieved directly from the element without the need for a temporary element.

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