How to Retrieve Phone Number Information Using Python?

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To retrieve phone number information using Python, you can utilize various third-party APIs and libraries that provide phone number lookup services. One popular library for this purpose is the phonenumbers library. Here’s an example of how you can use the phonenumbers library to retrieve phone number information:

import phonenumbers

# Define the phone number you want to retrieve information for
phone_number = "+1234567890"  # Replace with the desired phone number

# Parse the phone number
parsed_number = phonenumbers.parse(phone_number, None)

# Retrieve the phone number's region information
region_info = phonenumbers.region_code_for_number(parsed_number)
region_name = phonenumbers.region_name_for_number(parsed_number, "en")

# Retrieve the phone number's carrier information
carrier_info = phonenumbers.carrier.name_for_number(parsed_number, "en")

# Print the retrieved information
print("Phone Number Information:")
print("Country:", region_name)
print("Country Code:", parsed_number.country_code)
print("National Number:", parsed_number.national_number)

In this example, we use the phonenumbers library to parse and analyze the phone number. You need to replace "+1234567890" with the actual phone number you want to retrieve information for.

The parse() function parses the phone number and returns a PhoneNumber object that contains various properties and methods for retrieving information about the phone number.

To retrieve the region information (country) of the phone number, you can use the region_code_for_number() and region_name_for_number() functions. These functions return the country code and country name respectively.

To retrieve the carrier information of the phone number, you can use the carrier.name_for_number() function. This function returns the name of the carrier associated with the phone number.

You can modify the print statements to display the retrieved information according to your needs.

Remember to install the phonenumbers library if you haven’t already done so. You can install it using pip with the command: pip install phonenumbers.

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