How to Retrieve Slot Values from an Alexa Skill Using Python?

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To retrieve slot values from an Alexa Skill using Python, you can utilize the ask-sdk library, which is the official SDK provided by Amazon for developing Alexa Skills. Here’s an example of how you can retrieve slot values:

  1. Install the ask-sdk library using pip:
pip install ask-sdk
  1. Import the necessary modules:
from ask_sdk_core.skill_builder import SkillBuilder
from ask_sdk_core.dispatch_components import (
from ask_sdk_core.handler_input import HandlerInput
from ask_sdk_model import Response
  1. Create a custom request handler to handle the intent that contains the slot:
class MyIntentHandler(AbstractRequestHandler):
    def can_handle(self, handler_input):
        # Check if the incoming request is for "MyIntent"
        return (
   == "MyIntent"

    def handle(self, handler_input):
        # Get the slot value from the incoming request
        slot_value = handler_input.request_envelope.request.intent.slots["mySlotName"].value

        # Handle the logic using the slot value
        # ...

        # Generate the response
        speech_text = "The slot value is: {}".format(slot_value)
        return handler_input.response_builder.speak(speech_text).response
  1. Set up the skill and register the request handler:
sb = SkillBuilder()


# Exception handler code goes here if needed

lambda_handler = sb.lambda_handler()

Please note that this example assumes you have set up a basic Alexa Skill with an intent called “MyIntent” that contains a slot named “mySlotName”. You will need to replace these with the actual intent and slot names from your skill.

Once you have the slot value, you can perform any necessary logic or processing based on the value. Remember to adapt the response generation to match your specific requirements.

This is a basic example to get you started. For more complex scenarios or advanced usage, you may refer to the official documentation for the ask-sdk library:

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