How to Return a Function Variable Outside of a Function in Python?

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To return a function variable outside of a function in Python, you have a few options:

  1. Using the return statement: If the variable is defined within the function and you want to access it outside the function, you can use the return statement to return the variable as the function’s result. Here’s an example:
def get_variable():
    variable = "Hello, World!"
    return variable

# Call the function and assign the returned value to a variable
result = get_variable()

# Access the variable outside the function
print(result)  # Output: Hello, World!

In this example, the get_variable() function defines a variable named variable and returns it using the return statement. When calling the function and assigning its return value to the result variable, you can access the value of the variable outside the function.

  1. Using a global variable: If you want to access a variable defined inside a function globally (outside any specific function), you can declare it as a global variable. Here’s an example:
global_variable = None

def set_variable():
    global global_variable
    global_variable = "Hello, World!"

# Call the function to set the variable

# Access the variable outside the function
print(global_variable)  # Output: Hello, World!

In this example, the set_variable() function assigns the value “Hello, World!” to the global_variable by declaring it as a global variable within the function using the global keyword. After calling the function, you can access the value of global_variable outside the function.

Using global variables should be done with caution as it can make the code less modular and harder to maintain. It’s generally recommended to use function parameters and return values to pass data between functions.

Choose the approach that best fits your use case based on whether you want to return a function variable as the function’s result or access it as a global variable outside the function.

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