How to Return a List of Elements with a Value Greater Than X in Python?

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To return a list of elements that are greater than a specific value X in Python, you can use a list comprehension. Here’s an example:

def get_elements_greater_than(lst, X):
    return [element for element in lst if element > X]

# Example usage
my_list = [1, 5, 2, 8, 3, 7]
greater_than_4 = get_elements_greater_than(my_list, 4)

In this example, the get_elements_greater_than() function takes a list (lst) and a value (X) as input. It uses a list comprehension to iterate over each element in the list and filters out only the elements that are greater than X. The resulting filtered elements are returned as a new list.

When calling get_elements_greater_than(my_list, 4), the function will return a new list containing elements from my_list that are greater than 4. The output will be [5, 8, 7] in this case.

You can modify the function and adjust the comparison condition (element > X) to suit your specific requirements.

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