How to Return Multiple Values from a Python Threading Function?

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When working with threading in Python, you can return multiple values from a thread function in the same way as in any other function. However, since threads run concurrently, you need to consider how to collect the results from the threads after they have finished executing.

One common approach is to use a shared data structure such as a Queue or a list to store the results. Each thread can append its result to the data structure, allowing you to retrieve all the results once all the threads have completed. Here’s an example:

import threading

def worker_func(result_queue):
    # Perform some work in the thread
    result = perform_work()
    # Append the result to the queue

# Create a list to store the results
results = []

# Create a queue to share results among threads
result_queue = []

# Create and start the threads
threads = []
for _ in range(5):
    t = threading.Thread(target=worker_func, args=(result_queue,))

# Wait for all the threads to complete
for t in threads:

# Collect the results from the queue
results = result_queue

# Print the results
for result in results:

In the above example, the worker_func is the function executed by each thread. The result_queue is passed as an argument to the function, allowing each thread to append its result to the shared queue.

After all the threads have completed, the main thread collects the results from the queue and stores them in the results list. Finally, you can process the results as needed.

Remember to ensure proper synchronization and thread safety when working with shared data structures in multithreaded environments.

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